ATS iOS9 Testing

Domain Port
ATS iOS 9 Test have passedATS iOS 9 Test failed to passed
Certificate(Failed to pass)(Have passsed)
Secure Certificate Signature Algorithm(SHA2)
Certificate is iOS9 trust
Certificate matches the domain
Certificate time is valid
Server(Failed to pass)(Have passsed)
Support TLS1.2TLS1.2
PFS(Perfect Forward Secrecy)
iOS Cipher Suite Support

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In June of this year's WWDC 2015, Apple proposes the App Transport Security (ATS) concept.This feature of the main intent is provide a safe means of communication between our App and the server to prevent eavesdropping and tampering with transmission of data by the middleman.This feature in iOS 9 + and OS X 10.11 + support is the default item.Put forward the concept, will also mean that Apple will slowly turned to support HTTPS, and may yield HTTP.ATS test can help you detect the server whether conform to the requirements of ATS.